Ravel Sphexish

Mage with a severe case of perception check failure


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Full Name: Ravorel Sphexish
Loves: Spicy foods, useless arcane factoids, adventure, fancy dinner parties, herself
Hates: Sour foods, snakes, crudeness, flirting, herself

Ravel studies magic (specifically, the school of Evocation) at the academy at Avalon Hill. She is extremely intelligent, and her desire for new knowledge is insatiable—she speaks several unusual languages and she knows a variety of facts about magic (including, oddly enough, darker subjects that are generally forbidden to young students). However, her intelligence can only get her so far, as she is taciturn, pompous, and sometimes downright rude. She often has her head in the clouds, and her daydreaming causes many of her troubles. However, when her interest is piqued (or in a truly life-or-death situation), she can become serious and focused.

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Ravel Sphexish

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