Nicnac, Kobold Mastermind

An immortal shithead incapable of feeling pain or remorse.


Kobold || “Kobold Mastermind” || 2’ 5" || 25 lbs.


Nicnac, self-proclaimed "Kobold Mastermind, " is a young kobold that hails from the subterranean depths of the fields and forests in western Avalon. A vain, cruel, and incredibly short tempered creature, Nicnac despises everything except his own kind.

In Midsummer 848 S.R., Nicnac was contacted by a magician known as Remag Depes to raid caravans in search of a magical orb. Depes slew Nicnac upon acquisition of the orb – a predictable and expected act of betrayal – to eliminate loose ends on the matter. As Nicnac died, the orb began glowing and fused itself within Nicnac, returning the kobold to life. All further attempts to slay Nicnac proved futile, as the effects of each attack were simply transferred to another kobold nearby.

The Knights of Tumblr discovered Nicnac impaled on a variety of blades, held in place while Depes conducted frantic research on a solution to his immortal problem. The Knights dispatched Depes with ease, and Nicnac joined them as their ungrateful and obnoxiously vulgar prisoner/trophy.

Nicnac, Kobold Mastermind

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